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The Old School Fine Art Ltd has been handling Andrew Hemingway's work for 20 years. We are experienced in placing works of art across the world and facilitating our clients, both corporate and private. Over the last years, we have been approached to undertake a number of commissions which we have successfully been able to fulfil.

Andrew Hemingway is also represented by Messum's London, Wiltshire & Harrogate, the Mira Godard Gallery, Toronto and The Brian Sinfield Gallery, Burford. We are glad to facilitate any enquiry for Andrew's work which is being handled by any of the galleries above, all of which have expertise in dealing.  We hope all of our clients will have confidence in the longevity of our speciality.


All work comes with a detailed description, provenance, size, medium etc.

To purchase any works, please complete the form found at the bottom of this page. Upon receipt of an enquiry we will contact you to facilitate your acquisition from The Old School Fine Art, Messums, Brian Sinfield and Mira Godard.


Alternatively, please feel free to email us directly at

If you have any general enquiries, please visit the Contact page


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