The Still Life Collection

It is more than twenty seven years since Andrew Hemingway put down his beloved egg tempera, which had taken him over a decade to master. In the early nineties he began to work in pastel, using the medium in a way largely unseen before.  He created pastels which looked more like paintings than drawings (as had been the case for hundreds of years). 


The new medium suggested a new subject matter, one which he had hitherto never considered: the Still Life. He is now recognised as a modern master of both the medium and the genre. His pastel paintings have enabled him to work on a huge scale, the largest measuring three metres in length and two metres in height. His pastel Still Lifes can be found in a number of important collections around the world.

Solitary Egg
Still Life with Cow Parsley & Pewter - Pastel on board. Sold 
Still Life with Blue Pot - Pastel on Board - Sold 
Pencil and Silver - Pastel on Board - Sold 
Bottles and Dandelion Clocks - Pastel on Board - Sold 
Still Life on a Spanish Kist - Pastel on board - Sold 
Blacks & Whites
Artist's Cup
Still Life with White Funnel - Pastel on board - Sold 
Still Life with Blue Matchboxes - Pastel on board - Sold 
Still Life with Water Dispenser - Pastel on board - Sold 
Pussy-willow - Pastel on Board - Sold 
Plants and Pots - Pastel on Board - Sold 

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