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loo rolls

Hemingway started to paint the toilet roll middles back in the middle 2000's - that was his first series. He was told by someone that they would never be successful. What they meant was that no one would want to collect them. Hemingway doesn't paint paintings for anyone accept himself and all he can hope is that the collector shares his vision. All those works were subsequently purchased and collected!!

The new series was started around 2012 and Hemingway is still working on it. Essentially they are all individual, it's a sight we will all have come across - a toilet roll dispenser left empty. He remarks, "my 3 boys were skilled professionals at this!"

The toilet roll middle invariably takes on a personality. It is this that transcends them, they become a universal something to everyone. Who recalls their experience at the sight of an empty roll? We've all been there, the ability of each empty middle to suggest something. The toilet contains its own unique language.

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