The Landscape Collection

Andrew Hemingway began painting as a young boy, capturing the landscape of moors, hills, valleys and streams that surrounded his Yorkshire home. Constable and Turner were his heroes in those formative days.

In the last 10 years, after a break of decades, he has returned to paint the landscape again. His love of the Alps has led him to make a serious study of modern-day Switzerland, particularly focusing on man's imprint on the natural landscape.

The Swiss series continues to grow; the paintings shown here are part of a wider collection, the vast majority of which has never been exhibited before.

The Industrial Complex at Villeneuve
Motorway A9, towards Martigny
Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) by Villeneuve
The Tourbillon at Sion
The Eiger Shadow
Evening Light: Aigle dans la Vallée du Rhône
Morning Light, towards Vevey
Towards Sion, from Leuk Stadt
Power in the Valais
Shadow of the Crane: Co-Op Building at Sion
Low Cloud at Villeneuve
Spring near Aigle
After the Snow Plough, Loèche-les-Bains
Towards Sion, Evening Light, Gravel Extraction
The Industrial Complex at Villeneuve
Motorway Screen near Villeneuve
Tourist Map of Loèche-les-Bains
Apartment Blocks Loèche-les-Bains
The Criblette Tunnel near Lausanne
Glass Houses in the Valais
Distant Smoke; Incineration Plant; The Vallais.
Snowed in at Loèche-les-Bains
Sixties Apartments in Loèche-les-Bains
Spring Thaw with Mist and Morning Sunshine above Loèche-les-Bains

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